About Us

The IRONBOUND Boxing Academy was founded in February of 2017, in partnership with the City of Newark. The Academy represents a larger strategy by our organization IRONBOUND USA, to provide access to quality recreation for Newark youth. Our intent is help Newark’s young men and women improve their economic and social outcomes through boxing and personal branding. For every step a kid takes towards us, we take two steps towards them.

The IRONBOUND Boxing Academy is located in the IRONBOUND Neighborhood of Newark, NJ. We are located at 226 Rome St. In the back of the Sharpe James and Kenneth Gibson Recreation Center. Membership to the IRONBOUND Boxing Academy is free of charge. However, all members are required to obtain a recreational I.D. for one year fee of 5 dollars (local residents), and 15 dollars (non-newark residents). The I.D. gives you access not only to the Academy but the recreational center as a whole.

Media Coverage

Fox News Featurette

Documentary and Photo Essay featuring the founding of the IRONBOUND Boxing Academy

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How you can help

Everyone will be required to spar at some point during their training. In order to do so, all athletes must register with USA Boxing. Registration is 65 dollars per athlete. We encourage all our athletes to complete registration with USA boxing within 30 days of joining the Academy. For those who are unable to afford the registration fee, we will assist you as best we can. We are constantly in need of volunteer coaches and funds to help cover the cost for all our kids to train free. As a nonprofit organization, we are currently seeking funds to help cover training costs for all of our athletes and expand our program.

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"Iron Mike!!"

“I like the Academy because the coaches go above and beyond for you”

- Isiah Villanueva

"Best Boxing Gym"

Boxing for IRONBOUND gives me the ability to represent my City and my Team. We aren’t just a team, we are family

- Keith Colon Jr.

"Boxing is Life"

“IRONBOUND isn’t a boxing gym. It’s my home”

- Elvin Alicea