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We Are IRONBOUND . . .

Mike Steadman, the Founder of IRONBOUND Unlimited, decided to build a veteran owned health and wellness company with the mission to help companies build a more healthy and reliable workforce.

After leaving the Marine Corps in April 2015 Mike relocated to Newark, NJ with the intent of starting an inner-city amateur boxing program. Mike successfully built the IRONBOUND Boxing Academy with his partners Gary Bloore and Keith Colon. He decided to take his mission to the next level and bridge the gap between the community and business.

IRONBOUND’s social impact was not limited to the boxing academy. IRONBOUND was built with the belief that a company’s value is based on more than its financial return on investment. Companies can be fiscally responsible while simultaneously focusing on social and environmental return on investment. Profits matter, but not before people. This led to Mike officially starting the for profit arm of his business IRONBOUND Unlimited.

IRONBOUND Unlimited is a veteran-owned social enterprise that runs on-site corporate boxing classes for forward-thinking companies. We strive to strengthen the community, relieve stress, and promote physical fitness as a way of life. Proceeds from our classes power the IRONBOUND Boxing Academy, our nonprofit boxing gym, which provides free recreation to Newark youth and young adults.